Hello Jason,

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Hi Wil,

I've been using this (64-bit) for the last few months and it's working great .

The binary and files also work as a drop-in replacement for the latest version 7.8.5 (64-bit) of Notepad++ although by doing this we revert the binary back to 7.7.

Have you had any luck with submitting your fork as a pull request to the Notepad++ team on Github? It would be great if they would incorporate these changes to support DataFlex so that we can stay on top of security/bug fixes in Notepad++.

Glad to hear you like it.
"Unfortunately" the development on Notepad++ goes quite fast. So in order to get my patches upstream I probably have to do the work again.
Right now I do not have the time to look into this, but I will keep a note open for doing this.
It certainly would be awesome to see "DataFlex" in the list of already supported languages on NotePad++.

Your feedback is much appreciated!