DF-19.0, Mertech driver. I wish DF played more nicely when modifying SQL tables that don't allow for inserts. Postgres is one of those databases that only allows appending new columns, no inserts allowed.

I created a new table using the Studio and that went ok -- there were only 3 columns to begin with. But then I needed to add a couple of new columns and since this is a small table I wanted them ahead of the last column. Instead of simply deleting that column and adding the new ones I dropped the table in SQL, modified the create script and recreated the table. Of course then the .int file is out of whack. Yeah, I should have deleted the column in the Studio but I didn't. I've had to do this in other instances where the table was a lot bigger and it went ok but in this case the last column was a text field which complicates things. And then I changed an index too.

The repair wizard doesn't seem to admit the existence of Postgres and the ODBC choice didn't help so I had to try and modify the .int file manually.
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And of course the first couple of times I got it wrong. Getting it wrong and then trying to connect to that table with the Studio throws the Studio into a tailspin and locks it up tighter than a crab's... well you get the idea. I would think a little better error handling would be in order even if we aren't theoretically supposed to do this kind of thing. This is easy to duplicate, modify an .int file so an index doesn't match the table and then try to open that table in the Studio.