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Hi Salvadori,

I've just updated my site with the latest installer for DUF 2.0 (The Database Update Framework) and you can download from this page:

If you have tried DUF earlier I recommend to remove it before installing the new version. Also remark any present "DUF" code in your code, and then drag & drop a new cDbUpdateHandler object from the Studio's Class Palette onto your main program just after the cApplication object, when the installation is complete.

Read the readme.rtf carefully during installation on how to integrate the DUF help with the Studio's help system. After the installation, start the "DUFSQLConnections.exe" program from the workspace Programs folder and click the "Add to Studio..." button to add the tool to the Studio's Tools menu. Quit the DUFSQLConnections.exe program and from the Studio (after having loading your software workspace), start the DUFSQLConnections program by selecting it from the Tools menu and create an SQL connection to your database.

Once this is done you can run the "DUFCodeGenerator.exe" from the DUF workspace Programs folder to generate DUF code package that can be compiled into your program, or checked into GIT.

NOTE: The help is not yet up to date.
Great work Nils, i'll try thanks you.