We had been battling with this issue for a few weeks/months (normally after a windows update) and have finally found a permanent fix/solution, which I thought I would share.


  1. RemoteApps or published applications running on a Win10 Pro client.
  2. Tested On: Microsoft Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Server 2019


  1. RemoteApp would lose focus while the mouse hovers over the app or when clicking on a form, jumping to other local application (i.e. Chrome, Excel, etc.), which can be really annoying as you can't seem to maintain the focus of the application - focus just jumps around.
  2. RemoteApp would appear to be locked or in a non-responsive state, normally when there is a modal dialog in focus. The modal dialog would lose focus and normally gets pushed behind the main RemoteApp's window - this includes YesNo boxes, PromptList, etc.
  3. RemoteApp crashes, at times, when in a SuggestionForm - normally during the "SelectSuggestion" procedure.

The Culprit

  1. Tooltips

The are a lot of external forum post and blogs out there concerning this issue but none actually pinpoints the reason,
except for this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMENzSCOz8w


On testing again, we found that the RemoteApp did indeed lose focus when hovering over forms with tooltips - it didn't lose focus if the tooltips appeared rather when it didn't (if that makes sense). And the RemoteApp only crashed within suggestionforms that had tooltips.

How to Fix the issue

For now, we have disabled tooltips completely for all remote applications, until we can find a better approach.
Note: we tried turning off Animation and Fading, but it didn't help.

Move 0 to ghoToolTipController
If (not(IsRemoteSession())) Begin
  Object oToolTipController is a cToolTipController
    Set piMaxWidth to 200
    Move Self to ghoToolTipController
Check if your app is running as a RemoteApp:


{ Description ="Determines if your application is running in a remote session" }
{ Description+="in Windows 8 and later or Windows Server 2012 and later" } 
Function IsRemoteSession Global Returns Boolean
   Function_Return (GetSystemMetrics( SM_REMOTESESSION )) 

This immediately fixed the issue !

Next Steps (more research needed)

  1. To only disable tooltips if the client is a Win10 Pro build xxx or lower

I hope this helps someone out there.