We are migrating a VDF7 application to Dtflx 19.0. There are quite a large number of basic reports in it and in the proof of concept we are doing we are getting compiler errors at the basicreport´s object defintion.

Looking at the help system I can't find any possible errors so in the Order example I modified the "CustomerListBR.rv" to:

Object oCustomer_BasicReport is a BasicReport main_file customer //by index.1

//Report_Main_File Customer

Set Report_Title to "Printing Customer Names"

Function Starting_Main_Report Returns Integer
Integer iRetVal
Integer iIndex

Forward Get Starting_Main_Report to iRetVal

//Get piSortIndex to iIndex
//Report_Index by iIndex // set the sort order

Sysdate Footer.1 // set date for report

Function_Return iRetVal

and I get the same error at line "Object oCustomer_BasicReport is a BasicReport main_file customer //by index.1"

Obsolete command not supported "main_file object syntax is no longer supported. Use Set Main_file instead."

Any idea of what might be happening?