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    That took a bit longer as expected, but here is Release Candidate 2.

    Main change... support for ANSI as well as support for UTF8

    - Defect 163, Raveen reported some issues with trying to use drawing characters in OEM. This was due to some OEM/ANSI translation issues required for cyrillic to behave. If you now uncheck the checkbox "ANSI to OEM translation" in the hammer settings (see bug report for details) then this issue should no longer happen.

    As DataFlex 20 requires you do be able to load/save in UTF-8, we now have UTF-8 support.
    You can to enable it via the menu
    File -> Hammer Options -> Editor -> Window
    and then check the "UTF-8 Support" checkbox.
    With UTF-8 Support enabled you can edit in UTF-8 and it will keep the file in UTF-8.
    But you can also edit in OEM and the file stays in OEM.
    I haven't tested what happens if you add a non OEM character...
    If you add a non OEM character to an OEM file then it will silently convert that file into a UTF-8 file and add a BOM to the file.

    For now it is a quick fix, I might have missed something obvious.
    Please be careful for the moment when editing in UTF-8 although I expect no trouble as I really changed just a few lines of code for this.
    It is the scintilla control that does all the magic.

    However with me testing UTF-8 support in DataFlex this morning for the first time, you can guess how much I have tested at this moment!

    Note that "OEM to ANSI translation" does not work with UTF-8 enabled (I should have disabled the checkbox, but well.. next version)

    Also note that the built-in compiler has been disabled for DataFlex 20 as it triggered unstoppable runtime errors. I think I know why, but don't have the time to look into it more deeply.

    Finally, beware that this will NOT compile in DataFlex 20, compiling and running The Hammer project itself in NextGen is for The Hammer 4, not for this version.
    You can compile the project with DataFlex 18.1, DataFlex 18.2, DataFlex 19.0 and DataFlex 19.1.

    But you should be able to use the Hammer 3 for editing and compiling files in NextGen.

    Release Candidate 2 is available via:

    Back to business.
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