OK, so here's Release Candidate 4

We're slowly getting to a more final release of The Hammer 3, not exactly there yet, but making good progress for that stage.
This is mostly a release of addressing a bunch of paper cuts. There was plenty of annoying small things that had to be fixed.
So I took it upon me to get rid of some of these.

Here's the list:
  • more fixes for WString/LongPtr/ULongPtr support
  • tweaks on the autosuggestion list and auto-complete logic. When you create a method it now always automatically types the part to close it for you, not only if you select an autosuggestion list item (had this all the time as I type too fast). It also no longer has a code path where you would end up with 2x end_procedure/end_function. If the method was closed already then it won't close it for you either.
  • In this same arena starting with begin and pressing enter will add an "end" for you automatically (also while/loop and repeat/until)
  • Text generated via any of the autosuggestion lists now also has its case normalized (if selected)
  • Increment indentation after pressing enter when the scope goes 1 level deeper.
  • Added the DataFlex package folder to the list of source files to use for the source file autosuggestion list after typing "Use "
  • vcBitmapContainer.Pkg -> renamed to cvBitmapContainer like the package is now on vdf-guidance.
  • ReOpenAllFiles method has been rewritten in regards to the "open last edited file" logic. It had the nasty side effect of opening the last edited file into the wrong workspace. See also https://projects.vdf-guidance.com/issues/76 . This should be fixed now, the logic has been moved out into the ReOrderLastEditedFile method.
  • If the .hws file was truncated it would not recover gracefully, we now log an error and start with some defaults.
  • Undo text inserted by codelists gracefully
  • Add function to remove empty editorstatus array items in THDoWriteWorkspace
  • We now also save position and bookmarks when the hammer is closed or the workspace is changed for each opened file, not only when you press save (as it was in the past)
  • You can close the tool panel in 2 ways. Either by the toolbar button or by using an x-button. Unfortunately the visible state of the control only was able to detect the toolbar button close, not the x-button This has now been fixed.

As usual you can find the download for Release Candidate 4 here:

Have a great weekend!