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    Default The Hammer 3 Release Candidate 3


    Yes, it happened... we're moving on from beta to release candidate.
    So I present to you release candidate 1 of The Hammer 3.0

    You can download the full zip (easy to compile & run) release from:

    If you use Subversion to update to the latest version then beware that you should switch from trunk to the Hammer3 branch before you update.

    The reason for that is that the main trunk is now for development of Hammer4 and as that's the UNSTABLE branch I don't recommend you to track that for now. Stability will continue on the Hammer3 branch.

    What has changed since the last beta?

    • The parser DLL that takes care of the code explorer on the left now supports all line endings, not just CRLF, but also LF or just CR
    • Metatags syntax coloring didn't color the } closing tag correctly.
    • There's also a new scintilla DLL as I had apparently broken the code folding functionality in PRN/PRP files. This works again and is controlled via a new lexer property "fold.dataflex.compilerlist". Not that you have to do anything with that. The hammer sets it automatically when needed.
    • Drag and Drop from the Tools pane has always worked, but it did not have undo tracking for it, so it wasn't easy to undo an unintentional change. Now you can just undo / Ctrl+Z without worries. Also made some small tweaks to have it work more naturally. (Put the focus on the drop target after the drop and select the line where you drop)
    • If you have open a new workspace and you have no files currently open then previously you could not drag & drop a new file on the hammer as the client area was not a valid drop target. This now also works as expected.
    • As I had worked a bit with the method extract refactoring option last week I bumped into some things and have improved this (more below)
    • Fixed html/xml tag colors on the following themes: black, blue, lime and serene as they were very difficult to read

    Here's the list of things on the method extract logic:
    - Add maximize icon to the dialog
    - Pressing the escape key anywhere in the dialog will close the dialog
    - Defect 145, the code was no longer properly indented. This was because we had moved some code around. Correcting that did not yet fix it. Also had to resurrect the old "walk over the lines" logic for it to behave.
    - Defect 149, partial name check if variable name identical to a database field.
    - Defect 146, Changing to function does put return type in invocation
    - Defect 148, Method without parameters is not called
    - Defect 143, database fields are now identified and filtered if so desired

    At long last I also have come to the conclusion that the source is not documentation

    As a result I started working on documentation for the Hammer 3 at the wiki in markdown.

    This is very much a "work in progress" and I hope to have it in better shape on the next release candidate.

    It's got some cool details already though, for example how you can add a new default theme based on your own tweaked theme.
    or what is supported for code collapse:

    OK, that's it for now.
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