How can I create a Json File to import it in ReportWriter?
What is to do that ucaJson becomes a Json File that I can import in ReortWriter?

        Procedure JsonOut stData vData  
           Handle hoJson
           UChar[] ucaJson
           Integer iChn
           //tYourDataType tYourStructVar
           Get Create (RefClass(cJsonObject)) to hoJson
           Send DataTypeToJson of hoJson vData   //tYourStructVar
           Get StringifyUTF8 of hoJson to ucaJson
           //Get Seq_New_Channel to iChn
           Direct_Output ("Wasserverbr.json")  //channel iChn 
           Write ucaJson  //channel iChn 
           //Send Seq_Release_Channel iChn
ucaJson is shown as an array with 54 elements but after write ucaJson in Wasserverbr.json is only shown: {"AuftrNr":0,"Name":"","Verbr":0,"Tage":0,"Flaeche":0}