Hello dataflex for windows programmers,

If you are migrating applications to DataFlex 19.1 and if they include the VDFQuery library, then read on. Because here is a version of VDFQuery suited for DF 19.1.

These are the things that have changed since version "2.4f":

Number of compiler warnings of 19.1 have been brought down significantly.

If VDFQuery is configured for use with VPE then version 7.20 is now assumed and the dll for that is included in the Programs folder. VPE is manufactored by Ideal Software, where you can also find their terms of use.

VDFQuery has always relied on (and included) a file handling package by Wil van Antwerpen called WINAPI Filehandling. VDFQuery has now been updated to the current version of that (which is from 16/07/2018 and available as a library from VDF-Guidance). This practice continues WvA. If you are already using the WINAPI Filehandling library you do not want to risc mixing different versions. In that case delete the these files from the AppSrc folder of VDFQuery after installation: cvFileDialogs.pkg, vwin32fh.h and vWin32fh.pkg

Even if VDFQuery for DF 19.1 installs with *.sws files all the way back to VDF 12.0 it is really only meant for use with 19.x .

Note the new naming convension for vdfquery versions. This one is called vdfquery 19.1 instead of version 2.5h or whatever was the next number in the old version sequence. From now on they will be named after the DataFlex version they were prepared for.

VDFQuery can be downloaded from here


For this latest version you are looking for vdfquery191.zip.

One stone less in the shoe :-)