Just converting from Embedded to SQL database and having trouble setting dates in Crystal (XI) selection and group formulas on the Dataflex side. Example code is as follows:

Get Value of BeginDate to sBeginDate
Get Value of EndDate to sEndDate

Get CrystalDate sBeginDate to sBeginDate
Get CrystalDate sEndDate to sEndDate

Set Output_Destination to PRINT_TO_WINDOW

Set ComRecordSelectionFormula of hoReport to ('{Meter.ACC_NUMBER} = "' + sAcctNo + '"')
Set ComGroupSelectionFormula of hoReport to ('{Tran.BilDate} in ' + sBegindate + ' to ' + sEnddate + ' and {Tran.CODE} = ["W", "W&S", "FBW"]')

Get Error 4399: Com object method invocation error on the ComGroupSelectionFormula

What do we need to change?