Just thinking out loud...

Like most in-house systems ours has grown organically, and that's led to a great many reports overlapping in features just or minor differences in output format. What's needed is a cull!

As a starting point, I want to cut through the usual user insistence of "oh no I use that one all the time" and build up some stats. So I was thinking to add a logging feature to all our reports so I can count how many times each is used, and by whom.

As some reports are capable of being left open all day and run several times my thought was to do the logging in the Onclick of the Print button.

Subclass cMyPrintButton is a cMyButton
Including a StartLoggedReport Procedure that writes the log and sends StartReport (does that make sense?)

Then search and replace
Object oBtnPrint is a cMyButton to change the class to cMyPrintButton

and change Send StartReport in each changed source to Send StartLoggedReport

Anyone done anything similar? Better?