Hi all,

I have a basic mobile webapp I made to test the framework. In Alpha, Beta and RC version, all works fine using the sample of custom forward navigation provided in WebOrderMobile. But, after uninstall the RC version, rebooted, and installed the last DF 19.1, the navigation does not work anymore.
Looking in the sample WebOrderMobile, the same error occurs.

To reproduce it, select an order, click in "Edit", click in "Add Line" to add another order item.

Debugging, I saw the program passing twice on ShowView_Exec procedure when doing the custom forward navigation. In the firt time, the property phoCurrentShowView has the same value as hoView (in this sample, 509 - oSelectInventory). All fine. In the second time, the value of phoCurrentShowView is 0, and the hoView is 584 (oZoomOrderDetail, that has navigated forward to oSelectinventory). The same occurs in my phisical machine or in a new VM.

Attached, prints illustrating the problem.

I have searched in the forum for previous relates of this problem, but can't found. Sorry if this is a duplicated question/report.

Phisical Machine running Windows 10 Enterprise (comp. 17763.437) and DataFlex Studio Build
Virtual Machine ruinning Windows 7 Pro SP1 (comp. 7601) and DataFlex Studio Build

Thanks in advance.

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