I just realized that some prints from CRXI are skipping records depending on empty date fields. I use the embedded DataFlex Database.

I would assume that this selection criteria would report all records with no date or date less than 1-1-1900:
{Afdod.Gravnr} >= "20000000" and {Afdod.Gravnr} <= "29999999" and {Afdod.AnbrDato} <= Date (1900, 01, 01)
Most records with no date are included, but SOME records with no date are skipped!

If I change the date in the select statement to:
{Afdod.Gravnr} >= "20000000" and {Afdod.Gravnr} <= "29999999" and {Afdod.AnbrDato} <= Date (2020, 01, 01)
then all records are printed including all records with no date.

Or I could add a check for Date(0,0,0):
{Afdod.Gravnr} >= "20000000" and {Afdod.Gravnr} <= "29999999" and ({Afdod.AnbrDato} = Date(0,0,0) or {Afdod.AnbrDato} <= Date (1900, 01, 01))
then all records are printed.

if I reduce the selection to only:
{Afdod.AnbrDato} <= Date (1900, 01, 01)
Then I get all records.

What is going on?