We're starting to look at using the security library to store passwords and other sensitive data. I have watched the video in the learning center and read the .pdf that comes with the library, is there anymore help available? And a layout of the class structure.

I just to want make sure thinking on this is correct, and looking for suggestions.


For the passwords we should be looking at the passcode storage, this is one way encryption. And after setup, like setting the algorithm, there's 2 basic methods - one to store the password and one to verify. This sounds pretty easy but as mentioned in the .pdf needs a big field to store the data.

Sensitive Data

We need to store some sensitive data, this data needs to be encrypted for storage and decrypted for use. Which type of data encryption would be recommended, generic/keyed hashes? Is this 2 way encryption? I'm thinking it is, but don't see any public methods in the library to do the decryption.

The other alternative looks to be AES Encryption? Is this ok for storage, as the IV/Nonce need to be known.