Hi Andrew,

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Whilst note a fan of this idea
Perhaps a pint of ale might …..

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When you say
Move (NullInitialisedStructElements(Student)) To Student
What I think you mean is more akin to
Get Create (RefClass(cJsonObject)) To hoJson
Send NullInitialisedStructElements Of hoJson Student
Send DataTypeToJson Of hoJson Student
i.e. The nulls are only ever in the JSON object and it just uses the struct to know element names, obviously the above does not work because the Student struct does not support nulls so it would not know when calling DataTypeToJson if it should pass the blank/zero/false but if you are saying a half way house will do then I think there would have to be a way to keep everything in the JSON object so that nothing has to change with the data types to support null
The least intrusive that something like this can be done the better. However, I am happy to leave the implementation details to our tool vendor. Basically, I think we are in agreement that this is a problem and there should be a better way of the handling it.