---- Background ----
Recently we had a performance problem with both DF 19.0 Windows programs and Console Mode programs acting on a specific table at one site using index.1 of that table
The database was SQL 2012.
We suspected an index issue but dbBuilder said that the two indexes index.1 and index.2 were properly defined. (Index.0 <recnum> is never displayed explicitly in dbBuilder)
It was not until we went to MS SQL Mgmt Studio that we noticed there were only two indexes, index.0 and index.1.
There was no index.2 and index.1 was not defined properly. Index.1 was defined as Index.2 should have been.

This situation arose when the client person doing live side changes to correct a problem with Index.2:
. Made index changes directly using MS SQL Mgmt Studio, bypassing dbBuilder.
. Got confused about index.0

It has been suggested that the client person use dbBuilder for all table changes

---- Problem ----
dbBuilder showed the status of the index's the way they were when it was last used to make adjustments to the table, not reality on the SQL server.

---- Question -----
Is there any way to find out if the SQL server definition of the tables in a database matches the dbBuilder view of the world?