If you want to carry your application forward to DF191 and you make use of the VDFQuery library, then read on.

As of the release of DataFlex 19.1 the VDFquery library skips its old version numbers and is from now on just the VDFQuery library and then versioned as the DataFlex version it is meant to compile with.

If for example the name of the downloaded zip file is vdfquery191.zip this will indicate that this version was made to compile with 19.1.

The source code has been adapted to the stricter compilter of 19.1. Not to perfection by any means, but enough to "scrape by".

If you are using VDFQuery with VPE you will find that VDFQuery now supports VPE 7.10 (the dll for that is included in the Programs folder). In fact it _only_ supports 7.10 since earlier versions began to have problems on some win10 machines. VPE is manufactored here: www.idealsoftware.com/en/download/vpe_win.html, where you can also find their terms of use.

The VDFQuery library is available here: ftp.stureaps.dk/temp/vdfquery191_rc1.zip