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    Default SQLFilters Problem

    DF-19, W-10, Postgres, not that it should matter...

    I created a very simple SQL Filter consisting of the following code in my DD

            Set pbUseDDSQLFilters to True
            Procedure OnConstrain
                Set psSQLFilter to "Wwrdex.Trk_van_Ok = 'Y'"
    which throws the following error for which I can find no information in the help:

    Attempt to access unsupported attribute

    Error: 4285

    MSG_STOREDEFAULTSQLFILTERS (4960) - oObject (485) - at address 8774
    MSG_STOREDEFAULTSQLFILTERS (4960) - owwrdex_DD (479) - at address 12764
    MSG_DATA_SET_PREFIND (1750) - owwrdex_DD (479) - at address 12793
    MSG_REQUEST_FIND (385) - owwrdex_DD (479) - in native code
    The error occurs after sending rebuild_constraints when I do a find

    Send Find to oWwrdex_DD GT 4
    If I switch to regular DD constraints, all works as expected except this will become a complex set of constraints so SQLFilters would be ideal. I've used them before in this application with Postgres so I know that isn't the issue.

    Any clues?
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