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Thread: Strange problem with manifest file and szLibXL

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    Default Strange problem with manifest file and szLibXL

    I am struggling to get LibXL working with manifest files, but get very strange behavior. As I don’t succeed to unregister LibXL on my development machine, I have to test manifest installation on another clean machine.

    I compiled the StarZen LibXLSample and copied the WS to the testing machine. It works.

    I made a simplifies copy of my own WS and copied the LibXLSample together with all files in the LibXLsample programs map. It was no conflicts with my own application. I have data and filelist.cfg, with another name, in the main map and the names of the .ws-files differs. This WS was copied to the testing machine. LibXLSample works.

    Then I made a change in LibXLSample.exe.manifest on the testing machine to make the program fail. It failed with error message Unable to instantiate COM object. As expected!

    I copied back the original LibXLSample.exe.manifest file to this combined testing directory. LibXLSample.exe failed to start with message Unable to instantiate COM object. Very curious for me!!!!!

    Here I re-started the testing computer and tried again, but the result was the same.

    I made a copy of the combined testing directory on the testing machine. Nothing was changed except the name of the copy map. LibXLSample works!!!!!!!

    What can have happened? Is something stored on the computer that make the manifest file fail if it has failed once? With such behavior it is very difficult to work with manifest files.

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