Hello guys!

We have been working with LibXL recently in order to export data on our applications and it seems to be working nicely. However we have a lot to learn about it!

  1. First question is about format. When we write dates on a cell, we generally write it as a number (WriteNumberWithFormat + AddCustomNumFormat with a custom mask) and the Excel data type combo recognises it properly as a "Date" and everything is shown properly. The problem here is that the minimum date value in Excel is 00/01/1900. In fact, if you write a 0 on a cell with that format, 00/01/1900 will be shown when you tab out. It would be nice to show an empty date without altering the format (I know if I write it as "General" type or just use "WriteBlankWithFormat" it won't show a date). Do you know if that is possible?
  2. Second question is about dynamic/pivot tables. Would it be possible to add those kind of tables to Excel spreadsheets using this library? I think adding dynamic tables and charts will be really useful for our clients, but I haven't found any code example for that.

Thank you very much