I don't know why I had it in my head that it was yours. this is the actual header info.

// Confidential Trade Secret.
// Copyright 2000 Finn kristensen
// All Rights reserved

// fkCalc.pkg
// Last changed 29. Now 2000 Fkr

// When you press (Ctrl+L) then the calculator is displayed

// Place these two lines in top of your src file
// Use fkCalc.pkg
// on_key KEY_CTRL+KEY_L send activate_fkCalc

//revision 4-1-2004 Jim Albright, Wizard Systems, Inc 386-761-4677
// change version to 1.2
// Added color to show selected decimal places.
// dynamically recalc at new precision.

//revision 3-31-3007 David Martinko, Redeemed Software Co. 248-535-7495
// Added ticker tape
// Added ability for Calculator to be called as a Prompt_Object
// Removed Button SubClass (VDF12 would not compile it)
// Cleaned up code.

Does anybody know Finn kristensen? is he still working?
I'll replace the grid in what I have with a different control, probably a cTextEdit.
Not sure if 19 years is long enough ago to consider this open source or not.