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Thread: Fun change between 19.0 and 19.1

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    Default Fun change between 19.0 and 19.1

    I had some really old sketchy code in a view to re-size embedded tables.

    #Replace ON  True
    #Replace OFF False
    I have no Idea who wrote this, it definitely wasn't me (honest)

    However, ever after this I got thousands of

    - Error 4345: D:\DataFlex\19.1\Project51\AppSrc\p51src (ln 1370) Type check error OFF,FALSE, INVALID LITERAL
    the trick here is not to replace ON and OFF :-)

    Edit - Doing a bit More conversion work, i got a warning on this line, that was in a procedure copy-pasted from the original 2.3b code

               On Error Gosub TableAccessOpenError
    Which reminded me that "ON" is a real keyword, and WTF was the ON OFF code above for?
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