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    Default Learning Dataflex Site - Visibility

    Maybe I'm just behind, but I only today discovered this (!!!!!):

    A bit of searching and it appears to have been set up at some point in 2017? (I'm not positive on this, it might've been sooner or later)

    However, I found it after a link in the 19.1 RC online help took me there. Some more digging and I did find there are a couple blog posts that point there, but it really seems like this should be much more visible from the forum. I was just talking with another developer who came on recently here, and he'd never heard of it either.

    There have only been a couple references to the site in the forum here, and at least from the search below it looks like there are only a handful of links to the site in total.
    Could we maybe have the site as a sticky, a banner, or a notice "New to Dataflex? Go to for tutorials!" along the top of the support site? Just about anything to get this more visibility seems like a good idea (to me, at least.) It looks like a great resource, but there's not all that much it can do if we don't know about it...

    EDIT: I realize this isn't strictly about Windows Applications, but I'm not sure where else to put it.
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