We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0).

This version of DataFlex Reports uses a v7.0 license code or runs for 60 days in evaluation mode. DataFlex Report license holders receive the license code via their sales representative .

Both the Developer and Standard Edition are available now.

DataFlex Reports v7 runs side-by-side with older versions. Note that saving the report definition file (.dr) with v7 makes it not accessible with v6.2 or older anymore.

New Installer
DataFlex Reports uses our new modern product installer. The layout is restyled, it is 64 bit ready, uses MSI techniques.

New features

  • Edit in preview
  • Locale per report
  • Updated integration library
  • Updated help

Download the v7.0 version from: www.dataaccess.eu/drdownload using your Data Access ID.