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Thread: Registry write dword with hex value "0xffffffe4"

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    Default Registry write dword with hex value "0xffffffe4"

    I am trying to protect pdf files from being tampered with.
    This has happened when my client emails their clients with invoices.
    Some one has intercepted the invoice and altered it with their own bank account for payment!
    So how do I write a dword with the hex value of "0xffffffe4"
    The integer value id is too large for dataflex (4294967268).

    This logic creates the dword with value of 4:

    Move "security permissions" to sValue
    Send WriteDword     of hoRegistry sValue $ffffffe4

    The DWORD value must be named "security permissions", and the value is defined by Adobe in the PDF specification available from:

    The following table from this specification defines the privileges:

    Bit Position Meaning
    1-2 Reserved; must be 0
    3 Print document
    4 Modify contents of document (other than text annotations and interactive form fields
    5 Copy text and graphics from document
    6 Add or modify text annotations and interactive form fields
    7-8 Reserved; must be 1
    9 Fill in existing form fields
    10 Extract text and graphics for Accessibility
    11 Assemble the document
    12 Allow high resolution printing
    13-32 Reserved; must be 1

    The default value is 0xfffffffc. For example, to create a PDF document that doesn't allow printing you need to set bit position 3 to a 0 so you would set the "security permissions" to 0xfffffff8.

    The following table lists common combinations of security permissions:
    Disable printing 0xfffffff8
    Disable copying 0xffffffec
    Disable modifying 0xfffffff4
    Disable printing & copying 0xffffffe8
    Disable printing & modifying 0xfffffff0
    Disable copying & modifying 0xffffffe4
    Disable printing & copying & modifying 0xffffffe0

    All help much appreciated.
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