I've been scanning the forum trying to piece together the best way to install the VDF 19 Program, Apps & Embedded Database on Terminal Server 2016. I know from other threads, there's still some Embedded Databases in use out there, although most have switched to an SQL back-end.

From what I can find:

1. To prevent OpLocks or SMB Issues, EVERYTHING (not just the database) should be installed on a Share on the Terminal Server computer hard drive, VS. on another Networked Server's Drive, i.e.,
  • VDF 19 Runtime & License File (Bin, plus Bitmaps, Help, Usr)
  • Compiled VDF Applications & Crystal Reports
  • Embedded Database

2. On TS, open the Command Prompt as Administrator then type "change user/install" before installing above. (leave command prompt open.)

3. Register the Dataflex 19.x Client User License and run RegisterCodeJockcontrols.bat

4. Type "change user/execute" then close command prompt.

5. It's best to install everything on Terminal Server's Drive C: (or D: ) and reference Drive C: VS. Drive Mapping or UNC pathing for DFPath and Shortcuts, to eliminate Crash Issues as discussed before. (Not totally sure on this item.)

.;C:\Apps\VDF\VDF19\Bin;C:\Apps\vdf\vdf19\Usr;C:\A pps\vdf\vdf19\Lib;C:\Apps\vdf\vdf19\Bitmaps;C:\App s\vdf\vdf19\Help

Program Shortcut:
Target: C:\Apps\VDF\Projects\Billing\Billing.exe "C:\Apps\VDF\Allegany\Billing\AllAgg.ws"
Start In: C:\Apps\VDF\VDF19\Bin

6. Users can access the VDF Programs via a Shortcut on the Terminal Server Desktop OR via RemoteApp.

Please correct anything I've listed above as needed.

Leslie Stewart