For the first time in my life :-o I am going to have one of my applications run using MS SQL. With a little help I installed SQL Express and made the conversion of the embedded DataFlex database (Thank you, Klaus). However, now I have this large number of Crystal Reports pointing to DataFlex tables. 3 questions:

  1. When opening a report, I see no places where I can connect to the MS SQL database. What do I do? Do I need to install som drivers or configure something i Crystal?
  2. Is it possible in the DataFlex application to redirect the report to the MS SQL database? (Today I use the Knowledge Base article 1330 to redirect all subreports to the customer’s data directory).
  3. Does MassVerify still work, and where can I test and buy it?

I’m using DF 18.2 and SQL Express 2016 SP2.