DF 19.0, Win-10, Postgresql db. This is a solid, long standing application and not a new view. I was creating a new shipping record, saved it, then as an afterthought made a selection from a comboform on the same view and again clicked save in the toolbar - and I get the good old "Cannot refind record" error. This is repeatable, I've tried it not only on my laptop but on the test server and on another workstation which uses the embedded db, all give the same error with the same steps.

The error is occurring on the main DD which has 6 parents. I checked all DDs and all have a record in their DD buffers (not global) so this shouldn't be a question of the record not being there. Or is this possibly a global buffer issue? I've walked the debugger through to where the error occurs in Datadict.pkg in function ValidateSwitchedCommittedParents and can see no valid reason for the error. The actual error line is ReadByRowIdEx which seems to be in the runtime. The current rowID is passed in, which is the same one the debugger shows in the main DD, and then comes the error.

I also have checkboxes on the same view and I tried the same steps with one of those instead of the comboform and get the same error so it's not the comboform

Any ideas?