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Thread: DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) RC Released

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    Default DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) RC Released

    We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) RC.

    This version of DataFlex Reports uses a v7.0 license code or runs for 60 days in evaluation mode. DataFlex Report license holders receive the license code short after the final release via their sales representative .

    DataFlex Reports v7 runs side-by-side with older versions. Note that saving the report definition file (.dr) with v7 makes it not accessible with v6.2 or older anymore.

    New Installer
    DataFlex Reports uses our new modern product installer. The layout is restyled, it is 64 bit ready, uses MSI techniques. Please report any anomalies found.

    New features

    • Edit in preview
    • Locale per report
    • Updated integration library
    • Updated help

    Bugfixes / Improvements
    • HDE 5078 A repeated group header shows incorrect record
    • HDE 5986 Report footer section with option ‘Section can span multiple pages’ can print over the bottom margin
    • HDE 5954 Focus does not always move to previewer when clicked
    • HDE 5430 Removing a Stored Procedure table from a report does not remove the associated parameters
    • HDE 5995 ‘Open file after export’ option does not work after multi-page HTML export
    • HDE 5138 Page header can display weird values on the last page
    • HDE 5030 ‘Page Number’, ‘Total Page Count’ and ‘Page N of M’ special fields return different values when the options ‘Reset page number after this section’ is set and used from a function
    • HDE 5974 Browse data on a Stored Procedure table now returns empty list instead of an error message
    • HDE 5929/5951 Error 4509 when running report with a subreport
    • HDE 5959 Accelerator keys do not work for checkbox and combobox controls
    • HDE 5969 ‘Count’ and ‘Distinct Count’ summary types are formatted as numbers instead of integers
    • HDE 5973 Current connection in Database Expert for SP based reports shows strange tables
    • HDE 6021 Cannot select table link in Database Expert after deleting a table
    • HDE 5963 Edit text in previewer does not show edit window
    • HDE 6024 Accelerator keys for recent files in the File menu do not work
    • HDE 6030 GDI resource leak
    • Edit in preview
      • Fixed ‘Array out of bounds’ errors
      • ‘Esc’, ‘Ctrl+Up and ‘Ctrl+Down’ keys in previewer do not work as expected
      • Position of objects in design tab are not always in sync with preview tab
      • Undo in previewer does not always undo the changes made
      • Fixed moving a field within the same section with the mouse in the previewer

    • Library:
      • The dialog used when a function in a report contains an error does not show the report name in a web application
      • The ExportReport.wo and ExportReportDialog.wo web components now have a checkbox for Excel native formatting for XLS export

    Download the v7.0 version from: using your Data Access ID.
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