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Thread: Move statement not working with custom function

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    Default Move statement not working with custom function

    I'm sure I must have missed something, because I've written a function that works fine when it's in the .wo in which it's called, but as soon as I move it elsewhere it throws "Function Not Found" and won't compile. Am I missing something syntax wise?

    The (basic gist of the) function (which I've put in TimeClock.bp):

    Function CurrentLocalDateTime Global Returns DateTime 
       DateTime dtDate   DateTime dtChangeDate
       Move (DateAddMinute(CurrentDateTime(), 60 * (SYSTEM.HoursAdjust))) to dtDate // Get AEST (System Time) + standard difference in SYSTEM file
       Move (SYSTEM.NewHoursAdjustDate) to dtChangeDate       
       If (dtDate > dtChangeDate) Move (DateAddMinute(CurrentDateTime(), 60 * (SYSTEM.HoursAdjustDS))) to dtDate // it's currently DST, apply that adjustment   
       Function_Return dtDate
    Then I put a Use "TimeClock.bp" and call "Move (CurrentLocalDateTime()) to dtVariable" but it doesn't like it.

    I've tried a few ways of sticking "of oTimeClock" in there and not having it as a global function but so far no dice.
    Any one able to tell me what I'm missing?
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