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    Hi Martin -

    I started to try a 19.1 migration on this system, but there were just too many errors & I had to get back to real work. So - nothing to do for it in 19.0? I don't see the client going to 19.1 yet.

    The recnum was originally created by DAW - back when it was 2.3 embedded...

    ETA: If we were to drop & recreate the sysfile tables with 19.0, you think they'd work?

    ETA2: I would have loved to use a DAW tool to migrate - but none I've found will do it. If you have any suggestions on a better way to migrate, I'm all ears, as the MySQL Migration Assistant does a terrible job - losing indices, changing index names, adding constraints, etc. It takes over an hour of running scripts to fix dates, then 3+ to run the migration itself & then 2-8 hours to fix stuff - as what it messes up varies from migration to migration. However - it at least gets all the tables & data over.
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