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Hello Franco,

Unicode: All-the-way through means that dev (=studio), windows and web are all unicode.

From what i understood from the presentation is that the webserver is already supporting unicode.
For webapps you don't have to wait for DF20 to arrive. The only bottleneck here is the DF studio

What you are saying is partially true. The WebApp Server internally is already unicode (and it always has been). But as soon as data enters the runtime it is converted to OEM and the unicode characters will be lost in that translation. There are a few ways around this (for example using variant instead of string when defining web-services). But what you can do with those unicode strings is limited. The WebApp Framework still uses the string type for its web properties and thus still only supports OEM data.

To build proper unicode windows or webapps in DataFlex you'll have to wait until NextGen (which is only a codename for the project) is released.