Hi Vincent.

That is indeed the one I am referring to. If you would please have a look at my screen shots here I can show you what context menu I am talking about and how it is called.

Name:  2019-02-12 09_49_05-_ (t) NOVAX Windows - 12 februar 2019 Uge 7 - Bruger_ AGE.png
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Here you can see that the user has called the selection list from a column in a grid, that has been setup as a comboform. The user has called the seletion list with F4. Then the user has used the mouse and right clicked on the selection list and get this context menu shown. This I believe is the default context menu that I mentioned earlier.

Name:  2019-02-12 09_51_27-Paused - NOVAX - DataFlex 2017 Studio 19.0.png
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Here I have set a break point in the DF package that controls a right click event. It might be that the list (ovallist with object id 10) do indeed have a floating_menu_object property that is filled with an object id for the default context menu. I do not think floating_menu_object gets delegated to a parent object that understands the property in this case. It is this property what I would like to set to zero.

I could maybe just force a zero to (ovallist(DD_Global_Validation_Prompt_Object))? I'll try that but it not a "nice" solution Maybe you have a better idea?