Hi Ian,

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Hi Cor

Firstly, the wrapper are always based on the ANSI version - Codejock.Calendar.v18.4.0.ocx, they may be the same as the 64-bit Unicode IDs nut I have never checked.

Secondly, the Event class IDs changes around v18.0 so these will also need to be changed in the wrapper package.

If the control is displayed, then it would suggest that it is the Event IDs that are preventing data being displayed.

Also check which OCX you are using, the Unicode version may need the data passed to it converted from ANSI to Unicode.

Finally figured out that for the scheduler calendars also the package SigCjW_Calendar.pkg SigCjW_Calendar.pkg needed to be modified, the psEvenId properties to be precise. They now should read like:
Set psEventId to "{C0DE1860-...etc.....etc........}"
For the other controls besides the Calendar the corresponding packages also ought to be modified. That probably is what you meant by "wrapper package".

Thanks for your assistance, very much appreciated!