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Thread: Windows 7 & SQL2008R2 Extended support ending

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    Talking Windows 7 & SQL2008R2 Extended support ending

    I'm not expecting an answer here now, I'm just asking a slightly rhetorical question to raise awareness

    Windows 7 and it's Extended support finishes on 14th January 2020 .....

    Will versions of Dataflex after 19.1 officially support Windows 7 ?

    and in the same vein SQL2008R2 Extended support ends 9th July 2019

    ... now where did I put my hard hat ....
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    Default Re: Windows 7 & SQL2008R2 Extended support ending

    Based on our as-of DataFlex 2019/19.1 policy change discussed here, future DataFlex versions will not support Windows 7 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2.

    Even though Microsoft's official support for Windows 7 continues through 2020, according to this Forbes article, even Microsoft is actively encouraging users to move to a more "modern" OS.
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