Send Clear_All of oORL_DD
Move iOrder to ORL.ORDER_NR         // iOrder = 45930
Move iOrderRad to ORL.RAD          //  iOrderRad = 3  (there are 17 rows on that order)
Find eq ORL by Index.1               //No difference for the final result if this statement is there or not
Send Find of oORL_DD EQ 1
If (Found) Begin
The purpose is to find some order lines and make some changes on them.
Before Clear_All, ORL.ORDER_NR=45931 and ORL.RAD=1.
Index 1 is a unique index with ORDER_NR + RAD.
Find eq ORL by Index.1 shouldn’t need to be there, if it is there, the right row (Order 45930 row 3) is found.
Send Find of oORL_DD EQ 1, however, finds Order 45931 row 1 and Found is True.

How can that be possible?