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    Default oAuth (and oAuth for Windows)

    We have XML files emailed to us from our external server and extracted from Office365 Outlook on the target account's machine by a macro that places said xml into a network folder where a dataflex service can process it. All works nicely except when outlook gets hung up or the machine gets power cycled, and then the (often time-critical) xml files just sit in the original location and don't get processed.

    So we are looking at using an oAuth2 approach to sign into the outlook account and grab the xml files. I've grabbed the 'Using the Dataflex Office 365 API component' material, and also Mike Starzen's 'Interfacing Desktop Dataflex to oAuth2' as light reading ready for the step after.

    Running the Webapp I get stuck on the sign in process, and judging by the questions on here so do others. I get to my organisation sign on page and past the username screen, then entering the password gets me:

     Request Id:  fd916f2b-7c96-4d36-a4fc-dcb80c8f2200 
      Correlation Id:  fc0664a1-6152-4d66-987a-254a3689526d 
      Timestamp:  2018-12-28T16:26:51Z 
      Message:  AADSTS700016: Application with identifier 'a1f7bc3a-8429-4b44-94b7-025642181c3d' was not found in the directory 'f1b8ae67-006b-465b-b7e0-cb61a96d057d'. This can happen if the application has not been installed by the administrator of the tenant or consented to by any user in the tenant. You may have sent your authentication request to the wrong tenant 
        Advanced diagnostics: Enable 
     If you plan on getting support for an issue, turn this on and try to reproduce the error. This will collect additional information that will help troubleshoot the issue.
    I'm the AD Azure admin, or one of them, and I thought I had added the appllcation correctly, at least per the notes, but they are a bit thin and don't include all steps for the example. Based on the forum this is something to do with the Azure application not pointing back correctly to my loginpage?

    this seemed to refer, but it's old...

    I tried using Marco's 14 steps but get lost a bit. Do I have to create the app in my local AD as well or does the regular federation sync take care of that?

    edit: research delegated to my colleague who is more rounded at AD than I am, now if we were still on Novell
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    test? it compiles doesn't it?

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