I have used Virtual Print Engine with DF classes from Starzen for many years, and the E-mail function has always worked well provided that the mail client is 32 bit. However, two weeks ago, the E-mail suddenly stopped working. I asked the following question on the VPE Forum, but got no answer, not even from Thorsten Radde who use to answer every question.

One of my customers has a local network with 4 computers running Outlook 365 as E-mail client and they are sending a lot of E-mails from VPE previews clicking on the E-mail icon. Until last Friday it worked perfectly, but now nothing happens when they click on the E-mail icon on one of the computers. It works from the other three and the program using VPE wasn’t changed.
We installed Thunderbird on that computer for test, and Thunderbird started once when clicking at the icon, but now it doesn’t start.

Any idea about how to come further with this problem?

After that, the problem spread to all of their computers so now the E-mail function from the Preview doesn't work at all.