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Thread: SQL Server 2017 anyone?

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    Default SQL Server 2017 anyone?

    Is anyone running on SQL Server 2017?

    We are starting an upgrade and skipped ahead to 2017 because of additional features we want to use.

    Currently on Mertech v15 driver and experiencing some weird problems. Mertech has not resolved all of these problems (yet). Strangely enough they sent me back my test app to use with the DAW driver and pointed out the fact that the current DAW driver has the same issue. Nice! And in fact, I can confirm it does. I just downloaded and installed the latest DAW Connectivity Kit v. No difference.

    The problem is evident with a simple parent/child relationship with a child grid. It appears to load the same row from the database in the top 2 rows of the grid. If I run a select on the database there is only one row with that ID (Identity col) and PK.

    I thought DAW had certified SQL Server 2017, but now I see it was only 2016.
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