Have successfully loaded grid manually into cWebList, cWebPrompt and cWebGrid both using the examples provided, no problems reading from a csv file. All I want to do is allow the user to click on one, i.e. it's selected. Need to retrieve the value of what they selected. But I'm getting some weird behavior. The cWebList seems to show all fields except the first one selected and highlighted and never returns anything but row 0. You can't click on anything but the first entry, like it's all read-only. cWebGrid looks better, it's not all highlighted but you can't click on anything but the first row either. cWebPrompt is all highlighted again but you can double click on one of entries, problem is it doesn't behave the same way, can't figure out how to get the item selected into something I can use. I'll include some code here with cWebGrid, but just wondered, there must be an easier way to do this. I appreciate any help I can get. Tried all 3 because I don't care how this this gets done, as long as it's possible. What am I doing wrong or is this even possible? Thanks ahead of time.

        Object oAsciiImportFromField is a cWebGrid 
            Set pbFillHeight to True
            Set piMinHeight to 500
            Set piWidth to 200
            Set pbDataAware to False
            Set pbOfflineEditing to True  
            Set pbColumnSortable to False
            Set piSortColumn to 0
            Set piColumnIndex to 0
            Set piColumnSpan to 5
            Object oFieldColumn is a cWebColumn
                Set psCaption to "Field"
                Set piWidth to 20

            Object oNameColumn is a cWebColumn
                Set psCaption to "Name"
                Set piWidth to 30                
            Procedure OnManualLoadData tWebRow[] ByRef aTheRows String ByRef sCurrentRowID
                Integer iNum
                Forward Send OnManualLoadData (&aTheRows) (&sCurrentRowID)
                Move 0 to iNum
                Move iNum       to aTheRows[iNum].sRowID

                String sFilename lerror spath
                WebGet piOpenFileName of ghoWebApp to sFileName 

                Get UploadFolder of ghoWebApp True to sPath
                Move (sPath + "\" + sFileName) to sPath

                Direct_Input channel 1 sPath
                String ls3 lData

                    Read channel 1 lData
                    If not (SeqEof) Begin
                        Move "Field " to ls3
                        Append ls3 iNum ":"
                        Move "Field"   to aTheRows[iNum].sCssClassName
                        Move ls3       to aTheRows[iNum].aCells[0].sValue
                        Move ldata     to aTheRows[iNum].aCells[1].sValue
                        Increment iNum
                If ((not (SeqEof)) and (not (SeqEol))) Loop
                Close_Input channel 1

           Procedure OnProcessDataSet tWebRow[] aData Integer sValue Integer iSelectedRowIndex
                Send SaveDataToFile aData
                Send ShowInfoBox aData " " eOperation " " iSelectedRowIndex