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Thread: DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) Beta I Released

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    Default DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) Beta I Released

    We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2019 (v7.0) Beta.

    This version requires entering your DataFlex Reports 7.x license code or runs in a 60 days evaluation mode. New license codes will be made available in due course.

    DataFlex Reports v7 runs side-by-side with older versions. Note that saving the report definition file (.dr) with v7 makes it not accessible with v6.2 or older anymore.

    New Installer
    DataFlex Reports is the first product that uses a new modern product installer. The layout is restyled, it is 64 bit ready, uses MSI techniques. Please report any anomalies found.

    New features
    • Edit in preview
    • Locale per report
    • Updated integration library
    • Updated help

    Bugfixes / Improvements
    • HDE 5716 Function Explorer does not save changes when switching between functions
    • HDE 5793 Dragging a .dr file with accentuated characters (for example umlaut) onto DR studio does not open the report
    • HDE 5787/5768 Setting the option Variable Height in a sub-section (i.e. Details B) can cause a GPF error
    • HDE 5735 Translation error in crosstab wizard
    • HDE 5718 Median calculation is incorrect
    • HDE 5364 Add “Administrator” to DR caption bar when running in administrator mode
    • HDE 3630 Show field numbers in the Field Explorer
    • HDE 5198 a SQL() function without a connection in the report should give an error message
    • HDE 5372 Add an option to center a field on the page
    • HDE 5758 Move objects using Ctrl+Shift+Cursor keys in large increments
    • HDE 5335 Allow drDistinctCount to work with all data-types
    • HDE 5697/5849 Starting with version 6.2 filters on the Date datatype do not work with the DataFlex (embedded) database anymore
    • HDE 5720 Crosstab totals are sometimes incorrect
    • HDE 5138 When exporting to RTF a black bar and extra space can occur
    • HDE 5681 Error message when using version 6.2 Maintenance utility
    • HDE 5743/5804 Starting with version 6.2 a Number type in the DataFlex (embedded) database without decimals is converted to an integer and can cause conversion errors
    • HDE 5811 Find by Function ID option does not find the function
    • HDE 5306 Incorrect Font size when exporting to PDF in high quality mode

    Download the v7.0 version from: using your Data Access ID.
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