Hello All,

Due to a recent medical event, and after a recent meeting at Christchurch Hospital that has resulted in me being barred from driving or flying. Mero has made the decision to change my key activities to remote support and development rather than what I have been concentrating on over the past years which has been almost exclusively marketing.

This presents an opportunity, as we have decided to sell our intellectual property (ie there are no customers involved) and concentrate on supporting the purchaser for a long as they want and other ongoing development / support work we have.

As such we are now seeking interested parties to take this on. Whilst we are based in New Zealand this software will work in most countries that use software written in English.

We will be selling the Intellectual Property for what is a nominal figure, due to the fact we want to make this transition quickly (such that you can recover the cost from your 1st sale).

We are keen to hear from interested parties as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.