I tried to look where this goes wrong. It almost seems to go wrong if I insert a column with SQL datatype 'uniqueidentifier'. I followed these steps creating a new table:

1. I created a new table from within the DataFlex studio:
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2. Create the columns (with a 'could not load database driver' error):
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Name:	2. Create columns.png 
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3. I saved the table as created above and created a single index with 1 field and changed the df_field_null propertie of all columns to 0 (also notice the field length of the uniqueidentifier changed from 10 to 38):
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4. After this, the table seems to be staying in edit mode. But does not do much else. If I try to change the column from the last one (where the cursor was during the save in step 3), the next error keeps coming up:
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After this I can only close the studio and reopen it. Strangely enough the index seems to be created and the df_field_null is set to 0, despite the error during saving.

I save everything after every change at the moment, even after something simple as adding a column to the table. Some tables I created this morning I had to do 5 or more times because of these strange errors.


Leon Raafs