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    Default Default Process Pooling

    By default, each and every Web Application (whether the supplied samples, or the - endless! - ones I create) start with a default minimum process pool of 2 and a max of 5.

    This means, that unless I specifically go into WebApp admin and change it, every one of those WebApps, across all the versions of DF (6 at time of writing)/VDF (also 6 at time of writing, however 11 & 12 don't seem to do Process Pooling by default) I have on my machine, loads 2 WebApp.exe images into memory (unless I am misunderstanding something).

    That is quite a lot of memory.

    Could I suggest (as Eddy pointed out to me a few years ago) that a better default strategy might be to set the Minimum process pool of each of these to 0 on creation?

    Or, and maybe better, have a combo in the "Assign Web Application Information" dialog with a default of zero (OK, if you insist, maybe a default of 2) for the minimum process pool?

    I realize that it is important for testing that you are not accidentally relying on state persisting in the pooled web apps that you do test with several apps in the pool, but the overhead of having these running all the time on your development machine is significant.

    At the same time, being able to change this value from within the Studio, rather than having to fire up WebApp Admin, would be another time-saver. (OK, I realize that would require asking for Admin rights, coz the d**n MinPool setting is in the registry.)

    In 19.1 maybe? Its not in feature lock-down yet!

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