In my first post I did say: "it is important for testing that you are not accidentally relying on state persisting in the pooled web apps that you do test with several apps in the pool", so I am aware of that. In fact I would say that for testing you should have maybe 5+ apps in the pool, to mitigate the possibility that you just "get lucky" (or unlucky!) and hit the same process again. What I said about testing under the debugger was just me winding Vincent up - sorry Vincent!

The issue is that I keep forgetting to turn them all off again (setting them to zero minimum pool), which eats a lot of memory.

I am just looking for a way that we can easily control this and I think that being able to set this from within the Studio would help, instead of having to run WebApp Admin to do it. In think a pair of combos for the min and max pool on the Web Application tab of the Project Properties dialog, and on the "Assign Web Application Information" wizard might be worthwhile additions (especially since in 19.1 it is dynamically asking for the rights to do this without having to restart the studio "as Administrator").

At the same time, setting the WebOrder and WebOrderMobile samples to zero minimum pool on install would, IMO, not hurt anything, and would save having to remember to set them after every install, especially for those of us who are continually installing new alphas/betas/RCs etc.


PS - The "User count exceeded for this licence" stuff was due to me having a bad 19.0 code with only 1 user instead of 3 - that's been fixed now.