What version of DataFlex Reports is this about?

If it is version 6.2:
  • Unregister the OCX (with Regsrv32 /u)
    • Open CMD with elevated rights
    • Go to DataFlex Reports installation destination folder
    • Regsvr32 /u "DataFlex Reports 2018 Developer Edition API.ocx"

  • Delete the files in the DataFlex Reports folder
  • Remove installed libraries
    • Could be in a global folder (I always do that) or sub-directory of the DataFlex installation

  • Remove start menu references
  • Remove license file and dr.db
    • From folder C:\ProgramData\Data Access Worldwide\DataFlex Reports\6.2

  • Remove DataFlex Reports help files from DataFlex 19.0 / 19.1 help folder
  • Cleanup the registry via regedit
    • Look for "DataFlex Reports 2018 Developer Edition.Document"; remove entry
    • Look for "Software\Data Access Worldwide\DataFlex Reports\6.2"; delete entry

If it is an older version you need to unregister some more files and of course use a different folder