Looks Like I am going to be able to take on some new work soon. At this point in the game I will consider Full Time, Part Time or Contract Work. Currently all my work is contract. Like to try and stay with Dataflex it has been a workhorse for me. So hopefully there is some work in the community.

Over the last 10 years I have only been designing programs which connect with other major software packages and add value to them for my clients.
* Well versed in MS SQL
* Well versed in SSRS
* Currently developing in Dataflex Version 19.0 to make the magic happen

All my work has been with Heavy Construction or Steel fabrication Companies. Well Versed in Connecting To Software:
*Viewpoint Vista Accounting Software
*FlowFinity Data Apps

In my history I have written Accounting Packages, Steel Fabrication Management Software, Inventory Control, Secure Check Approval to Bank, Paperless Credit Card coding software and the 100's of Crystal or now SSRS reports which go with them.

My latest project was to integrate Industrial Cognex MX1000 barcode readers into a inventory control project. Runs across Android, IPhone,IPAD and desktop with the same code. Works really slick.

If any of this sounds like I can help you please give me a call or email. I can send my resume and some links to help video's which highlight some of my programs.

Thanks for your time
Mark Beck