I'm trying to get a struct from json object, but the work is harder than I expected

            Function ResponseCardFromJSON Handle hoResponse Returns Panorama_tPedido
                Boolean isParseOK
                String StringVariable sJson
                Handle hoJSON
                Panorama_tPedido responseCard    //Panorama_tPedido is my base struct
                Send RemoveEmptyMembers hoResponse True True True //remove Null values
                Get Create (RefClass(cJsonObject)) to hoJSON                                                                
                Get ParseString of hoJSON (Stringify(hoResponse)) to isParseOK
                Set pbRequireAllMembers of hoJson to False
                If (isParseOK) Begin                                        
                    Get JsonToDataType of hoJSON hoResponse to responseCard <-- error line
                    Get psParseError of hoJSON to StringVariable
                Send Destroy to hoJSON
                Send Destroy to hoResponse
                Function_Return responseCard                 
I added in attachment my json (JsonTest.txt) and my structures (generated by Unicorn InterGlobal's RestGen program)

the error i got is "Invalid Json Object Expected number!"

can anyone help me understand what is going on with my json data? thanks you