I have ported an old VDF application to VDF19 running under Win7 (I5/16GB Ram)
The application has a very large number of objects (views/lists etc...) and on top of that now, it uses the cSigCJRibbonBar which also has tens if not hundreds of menu options all using a large number of icons as well.

The time needed to load the application shows 2 big delays where the application freezes, printing out the start/end time at different events while the app is loading, shows a total time needed of almost 40 seconds.
This delay seems to be equally split (18 seconds give or take) between these 2 slow points, which are all the 'Use xxxxxxxx.xxx' creating and loading all the components (views/lists etc...) which unfortunately almost all are non-deferred, and the loading and appearance of the final toolbar and menus which also has a huge number of submenus, all of them with an icon, as per snapshot attached.

I know that for the non-deferred objects, there are no shortcuts, and I probably need to start changing them one by one to "deferred" objects so they are created and loaded only when/if needed.
I was wondering if the delay for the Ribbon bar is due to the number of icons used on all submenus or on something else. For example is there any way to speed the loading of the menus, for example, to create the submenus 'on demand' like the deferred views as well?


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